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Mirror mirror on the wall, am I above them all?

When we apply for a job, workshop, or conference, we are often asked, 'why would you like to do this?'. Well, what they really want to know is, 'why do you deserve this over someone else?'.

To answer this question, we need to know two things; our skillset and self-worth. Most of us already know the things at which we shine. So, the skillset is done! Check.

But what about self-worth? How do you put a value on your intrinsic worth as a person?

Often we calculate it based on external factors compared to someone else. Am I more hardworking than him? Am I prettier than that girl over there? But with this strategy in mind, there will likely be someone better than us. And by applying the law of averages, one at best can call themselves above average.

Huh! Fine, I'll become a narcissist then… by showing overstated self-esteem...

No, fragile self-worth, which seeks external validation every instant, is worse than having none.


Umm.. don't become a narcissist but do become like Narcissus, who was so mesmerized by his own reflection that he kept looking at it till death did him apart.

So, what's the trick here?

There isn't any trick, just start staring at your reflection like he did.

But where to find a pond these days? Would a mirror work? The one on the wall?

No!! Not the one on the wall. The one in the eyes of the beholder who loves you for you. Look at their gleaming eyes. That there is your worth. For them, you're above everyone else. When you try to understand how they view you, your cingulate cortex will activate and help you know a better sense of self.

And to truly value yourself, you must love yourself just like that person does. This love is like giving a bribe to your brain; in return, you get that confidence and euphoria that your interviewer is looking for.

But how can we love ourselves when we don't understand our worth? Now, this is going in circles …tsk tsk tsk…

Okay! So, one thing that helps is viewing yourself from a third-person perspective. Instead of following the rules of the English language by considering yourself as a subject, it's time when you should objectify yourself. I(subject) see me(object) in the mirror. And 'me' is the most precious thing in the world. And completing the full 360 degrees, you can learn this by watching how other people see you.

This is sounds dumb.

Wait, that's not all I had to say.

The next thing one must do is to remember only good things about ourselves. This is important because we often judge our worth based on past experiences. Your hippocampus (the brain's sea horse-shaped region involved in memory formation and storing) remembers it all. So, take a big fat eraser and erase all those memories which make you feel embarrassed.

All this would eventually lead to higher self-worth, reducing your chances of getting depression and anxiety disorders. Believe me, scientists have time and again found a correlation between low self-esteem and depression-related symptoms. And chances are that it is also causation, meaning self-esteem drives your mood.

And girl, we don't want that.

So, come on; follow whatever I told you;


If next time anyone asks you the question about why you? You can find your answer by looking in the mirror and asking, 'Mirror mirror on the wall; am I above them all?'

The mirror says, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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